Kaygee DaKing is one if the most talented artist in Soweto, an artist who has worked hard to be where he is now. DaKing has made numerous tracks & EP/mixtapes.

In 2018 he released an EP titled “True Colours” at which he feature other local artists who have been supporting his musical journey. He released a single called “Seng’zwile” is available online and music video is yet to drop soon.
Kaygee DaKing recently released his first project for 2019, and this is the story behind the project.

“The reason why I named my EP #BeenKingin is because I have been Kingin for real.

rewind back in 2014 I was in Paris doing a tour with my teammates Soweto ‘s finest. we went back to back as we sold out all the shows.

#BeenKinginEP will tell you how far I’ve came and what kind of a man I am now. as a father and a son.

it’s been a journey. please get the EP and understand what the boy is about”


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