It seems Ambitiouz Entertainment has become the label that always seems to leave artists bitter.

Since 2015, we have seen several artists jump ship from the label with artists like A-Reece, Fifi Cooper, B3nchMarQ and Flame to mention a few leaving the label first. We then saw the wound opened by what is famously known as The Ambitiouz Saga continue to haunt the company.

More and artists continued to leave the label with new artists joining but most of the major artists who joined the label after this not lasting that long at the label. From Gigi Lamayne, Emtee and Priddy Ugly, the label has lost several mainstream artists over the last couple of years and most seem to be bitter about the label.

When Priddy Ugly left the label, he kept it quiet at the time and continued to work on his music. It seemed at the time as though the rappers departure was a rather smooth one. Priddy Ugly recently went on Twitter to reveal that the revelations were not so sweet but just decided to keep it quiet.

The rapper started calling out the labels CEO after his albums had been taken down from Apple Music and ITunes assuming that it was the labels doing. He then went on to talk about all the wrong doings that went down while he was still at the label


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